August 3, 2018

In just a few weeks anxious freshman and their parents will descend on college campuses across the nation. The move in day is so exciting, because all you see is the happy smiling faces of parents and their teenage son or daughter.  You witness tears from moms leaving...

It is that time of year when students and families are either excited or wondering what to do next. Most students who plan to pursue post-secondary education have made plans including going to a four year college, two year college, workforce, military enlistment, apprenticeships, skills trades and some are lucky enough to afford a gap year. However, there are also those who are left feeling anxious and uncertain about the future. It is the perfect time to seek the advice of their school counselor. Students are anxious about the fact that they avoided seeking advice, made their own plans without professional input and about staying at home with their parents as an young adult after graduation. In most high schools, students are given a career or personality assessment that provides them with a list of possible career pathways. Students today have more opportunities to figure out their plans after high school because of these various assessments. The problem is some don't take career assessments serious and therefore they can not figure out what they want to do. When I tell students about the benefits of getting post-secondary education, some listen halfheartedly and others are excited about the possibilities. I am sure that other counselors experience this from students who are unsure about the future. One way that students can have a plan other than the workforce or their moms basement is to consider an apprenticeship. In Michigan, gone are the days of my father where you could walk into FORD and come out with a job. So I implore students to consider trades and apprenticeships, especially students who come to the end of the year without plans. Remember to see your school counselor if you don't plans after high school.

June 10, 2018

June 3, 2018

Big Changes in Store

 I have had many turning points in my life. Most of my turning points were out of necessity, nonetheless important points of change that shaped my character and being. I grew up in a two parent blended household where at seventeen years of age I wan...

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