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The Power of Collaborative Energy

As a child we are taught to work in groups. Group energy is called synergy and it leads to excellent achievements. We see the results of collaboration in professional sports teams, law practices, schools, churches, non-profit organizations and life in general. We were not put on the earth to stand alone but to grow as individuals and partners with untapped potential.

Here are some examples of powerful collaboration; families that are cohesive, marriages that are strong, world champions in sports, and political parties. In our country one political party can almost annihilate the other party. The therapeutic relationship is one of collaboration, whereby the therapist is engaged in active listening, reflective responses and strategies and tools to help their client overcome problems. I believe in the power of this collaborative energy.

When a client come to therapy they should come with an openness and willingness to collaborate. Therapy empowers you to better understand what your concerns are and to collaborate in finding solutions. Collaboration means a willingness to listen to suggestions and try strategies that have been proven to work. The collaboration start at the very first meeting were the client and therapist begin to develop their therapeutic relationship by developing goals for the treatment process. Collaboration is powerful energy when the therapist and client are on the same page throughout the porcess.

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