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If you can't bless my life, don't curse my life!

The power of words are very strong. We take on words as if they are evidence of what we will be occasionally. As a child the words of our parent often put a smile on our face or a sting in our heart. The words of our friends either encourage us or enrage us. As a child I remember friends that did not want to play with me because of my skin tone or because of my hair. The friend said we can't be friends because you are not light enough and your hair is not wavy and straight like my other friend. I could never dismiss the words because those words hurt. I told my mom who I always thought could save me from the words of anyone. My mom said make some new friends. I am often encountered with children who come to me because they feel bullied or harassed. I encourage them to speak up, make new friends and let others in authority deal with the person whom they feel have used their words in another way.

Have you ever used your words to encourage, discourage and or empower others. I will give you an example whenever we embark upon something new there are others that are afraid because we it hasn't been done before. Well please don't tell that person you don't have enough experience, because the only way to get experience is to step out in faith with the very thing you have been wanting to do. Proverbs 18:21 "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat the fruit thereof." This means that our words according to Proverbs either kill or give life and we choose. So friends let your words to others give life and foes just keep your words to yourself. No one want others speaking death over there ideas, thoughts, feeling and actions. Let us encourage one another with the words that come from our lips!! If you can't bless my life please don't curse my life with your words.

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