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What is the best way to transition to college?

In just a few weeks anxious freshman and their parents will descend on college campuses across the nation. The move in day is so exciting, because all you see is the happy smiling faces of parents and their teenage son or daughter. You witness tears from moms leaving their teens to the land of the unknown, you see anxious first generation students, and happy upper classmen leading and directing students during the move in process. You also observe parents who wonder about everything that can happen on a college campus. The transition to college is a little frightening for parents, even when they understand the importance of their children moving on. I have had the experience at least three times of helping to unload the car when each of my children went off to college and the thoughts of how will they transition. Here are some tips for students to understand how they can make the transition during that first week of college.

Organize - Get your freshman dorm room looking just like you want it to look. Make sure you have all the supplies you need to make it feel more like at home. It is your home away for home.

Explore- Classes will start quickly once you get on campus, so make sure you know where you are going, and how to find all of your classes. Walk around and become more familiar with your new environment. Identify how to get all of the campus supports you needs: like the library, bookstore, academic support, cafeteria if its not in your dorm and the nearest store for snacks and supplies.

Be Prepared - Go to your professors blackboard and download your syllabus so that you are not walking into the class with blinders on. Study and remember the expectations. Get organized by knowing what the required textbooks are and your professors office hours if you need support.

Socialize- Learn about campus activities by attending the those on campus events during the first week where you will meet new people, get free food, get college gear or items and possibly meet new friends.

Good Luck to this years Freshman Class

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